How long does it take?


You will have your hoodies delivered to you within 14 days of approving the artwork. If you have a shorter deadline let us know, as we do ALL the print and embroidery in our own factory here in Harrow (even the companies with big flashy websites don’t do that!) we can normally adjust production to get your order through quickly.

How much do your hoodies cost?


Contact us for a firm price. There are many options that you can have and prices will also vary according to the quantity you require. Rest assured our prices are constantly reviewed and we also have a Price Match policy so that we are never beaten on price.

What is included in the price?


Our prices include everything ! The garment, all printing and embroidery, delivery, VAT… absolutely everything. There are never any extras. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Do we have to have “LEAVERS xx” on the back?


No, you can have whatever you want and in whatever layout you prefer. Our friendly Customer Service team will be delighted to discuss the options.

How can we pay?


By credit or debit card, by cheque, or if the order is being placed directly by the School on 30 day account.

Is there a Minimum?


No, at Clothing Express we don’t believe in minimum orders, but the prices get lower the more you order

What if we miss someone off?


That’s no problem, we understand how easily that can happen. We will run an extra one off for you at the same price as the main order.

Do you send samples?


Yes we can send out sample(s) on a sale or return basis. That way you can see the quality for yourself instead of taking our word for it.

Can we have different styles and colours?


Yes of course. You can mix as many styles and colours as you wish within your order.

How do we send you the artwork?


You can email the artwork or picture of the design you want embroidered, or send a hard copy through the post.

Can we have each hoodie bagged and individually labelled?


Yes we can do that. This will ensure that its an easy job for you to hand them out.

Not found your answer?

Feel free to contact our customer service for support

0845 388 5273